Got a selection of good things on sale, stranger!

I suppose the best way of explaining what this blog is about is by explaining the title: Another Castle.

And another, and another, and another...

Super Mario Bros. is, at its core, a game about a guy who has no idea where he is going. To fight Bowser, sure, but where is Bowser? In a castle, right? So Mario moves from castle to castle, stomping the skulls of anybody brash or unlucky enough to get in his way. Each castle is a death trap full of more lava than Mount Doom, ending with a belligerent turtle-lizard-dragon that actually looks happy to see you. If you best this grinning beast, you hurry into the next room to rescue… a midget in a diaper and red vest, wearing a mushroom hat. Hooray!…?

It turns out that all this security is for this little guy, presumably some vital member of the Mushroom Kingdom’s Ishroominati. But he’s not even the one you came for. He’s appreciative for the rescue, but there’s little time for thanks – our princess is in another castle!

So you keep moving on, hoping that maybe, just maybe, what you’re looking for will be there, in another castle.

So… here we are! After scrambling around not even knowing what you’re looking for and rescuing hapless hat-wearing halfwits from the clutches of endless video game baddies, you’ve reached your destination – that elusive “another castle” that always appears on the horizon after reaching the last fortress.

The common theme with all this posts will be video games. Reviews, insights into the industry, and even into design (yes, I’m working on my own little castle for you to scramble to, as well!) will be the norm here. So power up, sit down, and grab your controller. Press Start at any time.

Note: if you somehow got here before I even started advertising this site to people, I’m going to be editing the hell out of this. Don’t be surprised if it gets changed around A LOT in the next few days.


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